About Monica's Cleaning Consulting

Monica's Cleaning Consulting founders Monica and Michael Melone and their team believe that true success is about more than growing their cleaning and property management portfolio. These small business owners believe that keeping customers happy begins by employing a staff that keeps a healthy work and personal life balance. This balance comes from paying a livable wage to all cleaning personnel.

Monica's Cleaning Consulting also contributes time to helping homeless people in their community by serving meals to needy populations through faith-based organizations and community service programs.

Employee and Community Focus

The People Behind the Business

Monica's Cleaning Consulting is a business started more than 17 years ago by Monica Melone. A serial entrepreneur her whole life, Monica owned a successful restaurant and bar in her home country of Colombia, designed and sold children's clothing upon arrival of her daughter, and now owns and operates Monica's Cleaning Consulting, Inc. in the Greater Chicago, Illinois metro area.

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